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Valerie Duever - Guide on the Side

A friend of mine once asked me if I could explain my passion in one word. As simple as this sounds, it took some reflection to come up with just one word. As I thought about what I really enjoy doing, the term 'designer' became evident.  I have experience as a floral designer, an interior designer, a designer of accounting and service center processes, and a designer of learning sites and tools.
My passion is in designing and creating.

Learning Designers and Instructional Designers are similar in that they both use a creative process

involving the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of various learning processes. 

We work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs and pronounced "smees")

on a given topic to create more meaningful learning experiences.

Additionally, we can also facilitate the training or educational sessions.

This gives us first-hand experience on how to make the presentation or course better the next time it is presented.

We also incorporate various forms of technology to enhance the learning experience.

We create an assortment of project materials used for learning.

These materials are collectively referred to as project assets.

This website highlights some of my previous projects in various fields and industries.
Feel free to explore and let me know how I can help with your next design project.

Image by Arnel Hasanovic
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The adage of “A Sage on the Stage” is a good way to refer to this type of presentation and process.

This type of educational designing is focused on the teacher or instructor and how they can best present the necessary content to their students.  The focus is on the process of presenting the course content: the course plan, the syllabus, the modules, the objectives, the assessments, and which assets to use.  This title is very common in pedagogy or K-12 educational environments but is also utilized by learning management systems (LMS) administrators for standardization and consistency of the trainings or courses.

I have created simple word documents that outline the process, to more involved PowerPoint Presentations that use infographics to convey the ideas and concepts of the proposal.

Here is a small sample of my work with a short explanation of why the project was needed.


The adage of “A Guide on the Side” is a good way to remember this type of designer because their focus is from the perspective of the student, employee, customer, learner, participant, or attendee.

Learning Designers, UX (User Experience) Designers, LX (Learning Experience) Designers lean into designing the project assets for use in multiple situations, such as in-person learning, hybrid learning, product-use training, product sales training, and eLearning programs.  They will do analysis on the goals or objectives of the program might be, what content is currently being used, and what is needs to be updated or added to make the experience more meaningful and engaging.


I have created beautiful floral arrangement for almost four decades and weddings are still my favorite thing to do.  Take a look at some of my previous work and let me know how I can make your special day simply gorgeous!

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