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Process Creation and Instruction Design Projects

Valerie Duever Resume: List
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Hummert International

June 2021 to April 2022

Hummert International is a family-owned, horticultural supply company that has been in business for over 80 years.
Their 800-page catalog offered over 33,000 products and their reputation as the experts in horticulture is well-known and respected.

Along with the newly hired Educational Resources Director, we were tasked with developing an online educational program that could be used for both internal sales staff training, as well as revenue-generating online courses for the general public.
Both of us have degrees in horticulture and backgrounds in adult education on a collegiate level. 

We collaborated with Marketing, Procurement/Purchasing, and Sales team members to create bi-weekly product training sessions for Sales Teams. I worked remotely and part-time (15 to 25 hours per week) over a 10-month period.

During this timeframe, I researched and organized previously created assets, such as PowerPoint presentations, flyers, articles, images, and newsletters that had been stored in employee-specific files into more centrally accessible, shared directory files (Microsoft Teams) for ease of access for all employees. Additionally, we were able to produce over 35 training videos that are currently housed in YouTube for ease of access. The diversity of my designs included creating comparison guides, job aides, product lists, and mini catalogs for current and future sales staff use. My primary function was to edit and update videos from recorded in-person and hybrid training sessions so could also be used for future projects.

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University of Missouri-Extension

October 2018 to December 2020

University of Missouri (MU) Extension is part of the University of Missouri system providing outreach and engagement opportunities, focusing on Missouri residents.  Our online instructional audience encompasses four generations, many of which have never used a computer or smart phone. Position was part-time (28 hours per week) and was a graduate intern position performed from a remote location.

  • Administrator for Canvas LMS for MU Extension

  • Provided instructional design and technical support to University of Missouri Extension faculty and outside companies offering online instructional trainings using the Canvas LMS platform.

  • Worked with various MU Extension teams to support faculty and troubleshoot issues pertaining to registration fees, enrollment issues, video issues, and software compatibility issues.



Jim 'n' I Farms, Inc

March 2003 to February 2020
Jim ‘n’ I Farms, Inc. is our small business that was established to provide educational opportunities for those interested in keeping and managing honeybees. Established in 2003, we began creating beekeeping classes in partnership with our local beekeeping association to raise funds and to increase honeybee awareness. Our courses were well received and the primary reason I pursued an advanced degree in Learning Technology and Design.
Face-to-face programs and presentations individually developed and facilitated from 2005-2020

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University of Missouri-Sinclair School of Nursing - MOQI Project

June 2016 to July 2017

Missouri Quality Initiative (MOQI) is a grant-funded program of the University of Missouri, Sinclair School of Nursing. My position involved creating a Support Desk to provide training webinars and materials as support for educators, nursing staff and billing staff involved in a new, long-term care, cost-reduction project. With team support, I participated in the creation and facilitation of two training programs for adults:

  • MOQI Medicare Part B Billing   

  • MOQI Readiness Review Process

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University of Missouri-System - Procurement

March 2010 thru May of 2016
University of Missouri-System provides various administrative support services for the four campuses of University of Missouri. This newly created position was responsible for working with vendors to resolve electronic payment issues involved with pre-paid purchase orders. I created and documented processes for troubleshooting issues, creating reports, and monthly bank state reconciliations.

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