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Young Teen Sluts Movies

The video's from one of our most popular reports ever, The Merchants of Cool, which, in part, looked at media corporations' marketing of sex to teens in order to hook the youth consumer. Remember those eye-grabbing sex scenes that first surfaced in the 1990s on cable channels like MTV and the WB Network? They launched a seemingly 24-hour sex cycle of movies and shows like "Cruel Intentions," "Dawson's Creek" and "Beverly Hills 90210."

young teen sluts movies

Watching this makes me ill. There is enough blame to go around. Doesn't anybody care. Are parents so wrapped up in themselves? Is television so desperate for money and ratings? Deep down I know the answer is yes, but I am so repulsed by that fact. Yes, kids will engage in sex, but distributing soft-core porn disguised as entertainment, disguised as information is truely repugnant. The children in those clips behaved as though they were making a pornographic teaser. No thirteen year old boy or girl should be behaving this way. It was also clear they were to young to understand the implications of their actions. Where are all the parents?

The flood of sex in movies, on TV, in ads, etc. is occurring because -- * It's much easier to write about sex than it is to write truly creative material. * It's the easiest way to make money. * There's a degree of interest in tittilationin many people -- especially young people. * Our spineless national leaders have chosen to ignore our Constitution's stated purpose in its preamble -- " for the common welfare ". * The entertainment industry and lawyers'associations give a lot of money to our congress.

I as a teen of today do not talk about sex and violence on a regular basis, like this documentary states, it seems like the adults who made this movie make teens out to be a different type of species. The adults also talk about teen like they have never been one themselves. If so the topics are being discussed you as adults cannot tell us what to talk about and what to think about. I also think its better to talk about sex more openly so we can know how the act affects us at such a "young" age and what our parents views were when they were teens. As I conclude my thoughts teens should not be talked about and analyzed, but WE should be talked with about our so called culture. REMEMBER ADULTS you were also teens once as well.

I dont think sex is anymore invading young teens now then in the 80s, 70s or even the 60s. I think its just more public now because the media makes it into reports, stories and prime time TV. I think most of this is more to do with the parents of kids then just media.

I'm not defending the media but there wouldn't be shows, videos or movies about this, if it wasn't already happening. I'm 37 years old, and I remember how much sex and the beginning of sexual desire and activity was rampant through out middle school years. But too often because a stupid hip hop bump and grind dance has turned a teeny bopper dance into a strip club, we think all these kids are having sex. ITs not fair to the kids to assume that, and its up to parents to maybe try and expose their kids to more than the horrible crap MTV calls music these days, and get their interest into other forms of music, arts, books, sports, and so on. 041b061a72


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